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Timothy Amiano in South-West Florida

This picture of Timothy and his two rides was taken when my brother served with the Collier County Sheriff's Office Aviation Section in Naples, Florida. In the news article below Timothy says that he was misquoted slightly and that probably for brevity's sake the reporter left out some of the more interesting stuff; like Tim finding the lost family at the same time they were "discovered" by a large territorial black bear, and that he used the helicopter to chase off the charging bear before landing beside the family and their broken down swamp-buggy. And more... (Click to Enlarge)
As a pilot, Timothy has found over 40 individuals in distress lost in south Florida wilderness areas, and counting...

MedFlight-One (Collier County, FL)

Timothy has been flying Medevac for Collier County EMS's MedFlight since the summer of 2004. He can be contacted at 239-591-8276 or by email at



Stationed at South-West Florida’s Naples Airport Collier County EMS’s MedFlight-One is staffed and on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The helicopter's flight-crew consists of one pilot and two flight-medics. The primary mission is pre-hospital trauma scene transport. MedFlight-One can simultaneously transport two critically injured patients from an accident scene and provides advanced pre-hospital life support with a complete compliment of over 40 medications. On board medical equipment includes: 4 and 12 lead electrocardiograms with defibrillator/pacer,  pulse oximeter, automatic blood pressure, end tidal CO2 monitoring, automatic ventilators, suction and AirTreq intubation for RSI. 

MedFlight-One is an American Eurocopter EC-135 twin engine helicopter. It has a maximum gross weight of 6000 pounds, a top speed of 167 miles per hour and a maximum altitude limit of 20,000 feet. It features a Fenestron (Fan-in-Tail) tail rotor that helps to reduce noise and improve safety. The two engines are Turbomeca Arrius - some of the most reliable in the helicopter industry. MedFlight-One is also equipped with an in-flight weather radar, dual GPS/WAAS navigation system, H-TAWS, TCAS, Radar Altimeter, NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) and a 15 million candle-power searchlight.


Artwork from the Off-Duty T-shirt designed by Timothy.

Timothy also works as a part-time pilot for Collier County Mosquito Control; he is the only pilot in Collier County history that has flown for all three county agencies.

Some Flying Pics - Sans Doors ???

Military Pre-Mission Photo

Sea-Plane Checkride - Delaware River, Philadelphia

Bell-47 in Marathon, The Florida Keys

Commercial/Instrument - ASEL, ASES, AMEL, AMES

Rotor-Wing CFI

5000hrs Total Time 1200 Military 1500 Night 750 NVG

U.S. Army & U.S. Air Force (Retired Reserve)

NCO & Commissioned Officer

Active Duty, Guard & Reserve


aka - Paratrooper


Please Note: My brother Timothy does not belong to or monitor any social networking websites - no facebook, myspace or twitter for Timothy. (The younger 'Tim Amiano' with those accounts and the skate videos is NOT my brother). You can get my brother Timothy on the phone, email or snail mail and that's it. Timothy is apparently still working on his introversion and on being an "extroverted introvert", that and I think he still believes that computers and most other e-gadgets are just passing fads (kidding, mostly...). Strange for a guy that flies such high-tech live-saving equipment for a living. Different, Odd.

(Odd but good).

Departed Friends

Timothy and Best Friend Leroy Rahmings with their CCSO rides

Terry Kelbaugh with his ride at the Kona, Hawaii Fire-Air Station

Terry Kelbaugh over the beach - Kona, Hawaii

"If you know where they are then they're not lost, they're just waiting for you to make the trip yourself. See you in Heaven dear friends".

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Romans 10:13

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